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Finding Yurts For Sale Is Not Always Easy

yurts for saleIf you are a person looking for yurts for sale then you have come to the right place. As someone who was recently looking to find a yurt for sale cheap, I discovered that these are a very scarce commodity. What the challenge seems to be is that people who own a yurt are so fond of their portable tent that they do not want to part with it. Even if they decide they are going to sell their house and move to a different location, their yurt can be disassembled, taken to their new property, and set back up again in their back yard.

We have seen yurts used for a variety of purposes, including yurts for rent at state park
campgrounds, but the main thing that yurt people most seem to use them for involve spiritual purposes. Maybe it is because there is something special about their shape, but whatever the reason, a high percentage of yurts are being used for meditation, tai chi or yoga spaces, or something along similar lines, such as massage therapy or aromatherapy rooms. Some bed and breakfasts are even offering exotic accommodations in yurts.

The advice that I would offer to a person who was looking to buy a new or used yurt would be first to shop online. In the case of trying to find a used yurt for sale, it would be recommended to check the online classified ad sites such as Craigslist and Kijiji, not only for your own area, but even farther distant places although in that case having to have one shipped or arranging to pick it up in a far away location would certainly add some extra dollars to the bottom line pricing. The popular online auction site eBay also has some ads for used yurts for sale from time to time.

If you are wishing to buy a new yurt then the options become a lot greater because there are now a growing number of yurt manufacturers across North America. The Pacific Northwest area of Washington, Oregon, Northern California and north of the border in British Columbia were once the primary center of yurt makers, but as their popularity continues to be on the increase, there are more of factories and small businesses making yurts in the Midwest and Eastern regions. Of course, as a last resort, someone who is handy with tools could always find plans to build a yurt and construct one themselves.

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